Vita Inclinata Quadruples Production

 - May 18, 2022, 9:58 AM
Vita systems has quadrupled its manufacturing lines and integrated new technologies to ramp up production in order to meet global demand for products. (Photo: Vita Inclinata)

Vita Inclinata announced this week that it has quadrupled its manufacturing lines and added extra shifts to meet global demand for its rescue and load stabilization technologies for helicopters and industrial equipment. Its devices include high-powered fans and software to correct for wind drift and stabilize helicopter hoist rescue and long-line operations. The Vita Lifting System is also used in a variety of heavy-lift construction operations, including wind turbine installation and maintenance. 

In addition to adding capacity, the company said it is using vertical supply chain integration to reduce costs, employing 3D printing to manufacture components, turning to managing workflow with mobile tablets, and starting licensing various technologies that were previously outsourced to third parties. 

“Technology that improves worker safety or ensures a positive outcome from a search-and-rescue mission should be ubiquitous,” said Vita CEO Caleb Carr. “Vita is making it our mission to meet the need of every organization who expresses interest in our technology by broadening our capacity to quicken the pace at which it can be deployed to save lives.”