Becker Teams with Iris on Collision Warning System

 - September 8, 2021, 12:51 PM

Becker Avionics and Iris Automation have formed a strategic partnership to jointly develop a non-required safety-enhancing equipment (Norsee) collision avoidance safety system for general aviation aircraft and UAVs. It will use computer vision and machine learning to identify aircraft approaching from outside the pilot’s field of view that pose a potential risk and issue pertinent 3D audio warnings.

The opto-electric/audio system will augment ADS-B In traffic data, as well as pilot see-and-avoid visual scans, to further help avoid midair collisions, especially in airspace where ADS-B signals are not available. By providing warnings in time to take appropriate actions to avoid potential collisions, the companies said the system will improve safety with minimal impact on pilot workload.

“Partnering with Iris Automation will allow our customers to exploit advanced technology to fly safer, especially as airspace congestion increases,” said Becker Avionics chairman Roland Becker. “Client interest in this kind of solution is very high.”