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Collins Aerospace Radios Picked for Export Super Hercules

 - July 18, 2022, 6:00 AM

Lockheed Martin has selected the Collins Aerospace HF-9500 high-frequency communications system for installation in all of its C-130J Super Hercules turboprop transports supplied to overseas customers through U.S. Foreign Military Sales. The new radio replaces the company’s ARC-190 HF set.

HF-9500 consists of a modernized receiver/transmitter, antenna coupler, and radio control. The system easily integrates into a range of aircraft and antenna configurations and can be retrofitted to existing aircraft with little downtime. An upgraded software architecture meets the needs of current and future capabilities, such as beyond line-of-sight command and control data transfer over HF in real-time.

“HF communications are a critical alternative to satcoms when operating within contested environments,” said Ryan Bunge, v-p and general manager for Collins Aerospace's Communication, Navigation, and Guidance Solutions business. “Making this technology standard for global C-130J operators ensures that pilots are equipped with the reliable long-range HF communications systems needed for successful missions.”