Singapore Air Show

Integrated Air Defense from Israel on Show

 - February 15, 2022, 2:47 AM
Barak ER is the latest member of the interceptor family, adding a booster to the dual-pulse motor to push effective range out to 150 km.

Israel Aerospace Industries is showcasing a range of its system-of-systems capabilities at the Singapore Airshow, including the Barak MX integrated air defense system in use with Israeli and Indian forces, among others.

Designed to tackle both aerial and missile threats, the Barak MX system includes battle management functions in both land and maritime environments, the latter including mobile, transportable, and fixed installations. Drawing on a range of sensors—including the company’s fully digital phased array radars—the system creates a unified air picture, coordinates force operations, and manages the interceptor launch arrays.

Three types of interceptors, all fired from the same unified vertical launchers, are available for integration with the battle management system, providing 360-degree coverage and rapid launch capability against short-range threats. Each interceptor type has an active radio frequency seeker that offers high performance against low-radar cross-section and maneuvering targets.

At the lower end of the spectrum is the Barak MRAD (medium-range air defense) missile with a single-pulse motor giving a range of 35 km. The dual-pulse, long-range Barak LRAD doubles the effective engagement range, while the latest Barak ER is an extended-range interceptor with an additional booster that increases its reach to 150 km, in turn offering enhanced capability against theater ballistic missiles. The Barak ER successfully completed trials in April 2021.

Among other capabilities being highlighted by IAI are its maritime patrol aircraft offering based on large-cabin business jets such as the Bombardier Global, the Mini Harpy tactical loitering munition, and the ThunderB vertical takeoff and landing unmanned air system. IAI is also promoting its passenger-to-freighter (P2F) airliner conversion business. Having performed numerous conversions of Boeing 767s, IAI’s Bedek division has now taken the lead on Boeing 777 P2F conversion work.