FAA Clarifies Continued Airworthiness Inspection Provisions

 - June 23, 2022, 12:21 PM

A new FAA notice clarifies recently revised inspection guidance for Part 135 and other commercial operators that use a continuous airworthiness maintenance program (CAMP). The revisions resulted from a review of a sampling of existing CAMP users that revealed many operator manuals did not describe required inspection item (RII) methods of compliance as prescribed by rule, but rather provided generalized policy.

The FAA concluded this was due to subjective guidance, poor inspector training, and other factors. This notice describes the steps the agency is taking to address these concerns. First, the six-month time limit is eliminated for CAMP users to complete required updates to existing RII procedures.

Second, greater clarity is given regarding the responsibilities of an operator's director of maintenance and chief inspector. Revised guidance states the person in position having authority to countermand the decision of an RII inspector “must hold the requisite experience and qualifications…and be identified in the certificate holder's approved op specs.”

Finally, the FAA has received concerns over documents that permit task cards as an acceptable means to "designate, perform, and document" a required inspection. However, the guidance does not include other examples of acceptable means, leading to the misconception by some FAA safety inspectors that task cards are required. The agency said it is addressing this issue.