Aviation Safety Network Plans Monthly Email Digest

 - May 25, 2022, 12:20 PM

After being published for some 25 years, the Aviation Safety Network (ASN) is replacing its weekly email accident digest with a new monthly digest. Earlier this year, the ASN became fully integrated into the Flight Safety Foundation (FSF), and "this gives us the opportunity to offer more and better accident data services," said the FSF.

The monthly accident digest will continue to offer details of airliner, corporate jet, and turboprop accidents, and significant incidents around the world that have been added to ASN's online database. Information will also include links to newly released final accident reports. Notifications of all fatal aircraft accidents can also be found on Twitter.

Flight Safety Foundation members can receive a customizable daily accident digest email to become available later this year.

The ASN database, which started documenting aviation accidents in 1902, can be accessed online. In addition to turbine aircraft, online data includes accidents and incidents for virtually all non-turbine helicopters, airplanes, balloons, ultralights, and drones. Data includes the date of the accident, type of aircraft involved, registration number, location of the accident, type of accident, segment of flight, known activity, and a description of the mishap with links to source materials.