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Embraer Lengthens Maintenance Intervals for Business Jets

 - November 15, 2021, 4:03 AM

Embraer is changing maintenance schedules for three of its business jets so that operators flying fewer hours can have inspections done annually, rather than every six months. The changes mean that Legacy 600 and 650 business jets, as well as the Lineage 1000 model, can now be covered by the LU12 annual inspection package, rather than the six-monthly LU6.

For the Lineage 1000, the manufacturer also has eliminated the requirement to remove the forward auxiliary fuel tanks during the 48-month check, doubling the interval to 96 months. The Lineage 1000 is Embraer’s large-cabin private jet based on its E190 commercial airliner.

According to Embraer, the changes result from an analysis review and optimization process applied to field data gathered from the Legacy and Lineage fleets. It collects the data from across the Brazilian airframer’s global service center network.

There are 157 Legacy 600s in service, plus 108 of the 650s, and 26 Lineage 1000s. Embraer said that the changes will significantly increase aircraft availability and reduce maintenance costs.