Million Air Moves In at Fort Lauderdale Executive

 - October 18, 2021, 1:18 PM
As Million Air rebrands the former W Aviation FBO at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, its first order of business will be to upgrade the existing terminal, while it draws up plans for an eventual replacement.

Million Air has expanded its footprint in Florida with the acquisition of W Aviation, one of four FBOs at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport. The 4,000-sq-ft terminal will be rebranded at the end of the year, with upgrades to the concierge desk, refreshment area, snooze rooms, flight-planning area, and conference room, along with new Mercedes crew cars.

Million Air will continue to operate from that facility while blueprints are being drawn up for a new two-story terminal, with adjoining office space to replace it. The 8.5-acre leasehold also includes a fuel farm and 70,000 sq ft of hangar space. Million Air plans to add to additional hangar space and enlarge the ramp.

“Our team is excited to put up a flagship location in this community,” said company CEO Roger Woolsey. “The vision is to create a new front door to South Florida visitors, business leaders, government officials, entertainers, and other distinguished guests arriving by private aircraft.”

The chain, which operates at 31 mainly U.S. locations, also has facilities serving Tallahassee and Orlando. This latest move puts it in direct competition with Banyan Air Service, one of the country’s largest independent FBOs.