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VistaJet Offers Up Tantalizing Chairman's Menu

 - October 16, 2018, 2:20 PM
VistaJet's latest offering, The Chairman's Menu, is available for pre-order on all VistaJet flights.

Before Thomas Flohr created global business aviation company VistaJet (Booth 4114, Static SD50), he was a regular business aviation customer himself, and he was dismayed by the inconsistent level of service, particularly at mealtimes. From the start, Flohr was adamant that his own aircraft services company provide an exceptional flight experience specifically designed to delight each individual passenger.

As a lifelong foodie, wine connoisseur, and adventurous diner himself, Flohr placed special attention and resources on the catering services provided to VistaJet customers—introducing programs that would allow passengers to choose their meals ahead of time and request catering from top restaurants all over the world.

VistaJet's latest offering, The Chairman's Menu, consists of Flohr's favorite dishes, and is available for pre-order on all VistaJet flights. Paolo Gorini, Flohr's personal chef, worked closely with Diego Sabino, VistaJet's head of private dining, to create the intricate nine-course menu. Each bite was personally tasted and approved in-flight by Flohr himself.

"I created the Chairman's Menu with [Flohr] as he wanted to offer our best customers the opportunity to experience VistaJet the way he does, with his favorite dishes and the ones he requests from his personal chef to create every day," Sabino told AIN.

Samples from the menu include quail eggs served with Oscietra caviar, king crab salad served with sriracha sauce and lemon dressing, lamb chops coated in rosemary crust, and Gorini's special tiramisu infused with Italian espresso and served with shaved chocolate.

The meals are prepared and delivered to customers by a dedicated culinary team established in six cities: New York, London, Paris, Nice, Los Angeles, and Milan. Sabino personally selected and trained these individuals to recreate the Chairman's Menu. Though special attention must be paid to the way flavors change and evolve in air, Sabino has managed to create a menu that naturally translates to 40,000 feet.

"The Chairman's Menu features only the finest ingredients that are carefully and thoughtfully sourced. We do not add extra sauces or extravagant seasonings to flavor the dishes. The simple ingredients are bended with complex cooking techniques to highlight their intrinsic quality, flavors, and textures," Sabino said.